Come ride your ATV or SxS at America's Great Western Rally. The ultimate ATV & SxS riding event.
At Rally In The Pines, you will be given the maps for all these rides.

We offer 1 geocache fun run, 3 follow the leader rides, 10 escort to the trailhead rides and over 700 miles of independant riding!
Group Rides will leave Friday and Saturday morning for: The Swiss Alps Ride, Long Lost Creek Ride, River & Peaks Ride, Alpine Lake Ride and The Rock Of Ages Ride.
Join a group or ride independently, the choice is yours!


Swiss Alps Ride
Skilled Scenic Ride

No width restrictions

This is one of the most beautiful rides we offer at Rally In The Pines.
You will ride into the backside of the tallest peaks in Idaho right from the Rally Base Camp. You can have your lunch by a beautiful mountain river and be surrounded by the majesty of the Rocky Mountains. Don't miss this ride, when you are at Rally In The Pines.


Long Lost Creek Ride
Scenic Ride

No width restrictions

This is an outstanding ride. As you travel from the sagebrush flats up into a beautiful wide valley. You will follow a mountain stream that you will cross a couple of times, as you get closer and closer to the majestic mountains in the distance.
Turn off the main trail to the left before you reach the end, for a wonderful grassy area with tall pine trees, next to the mountain stream. This is a great place to stop for lunch.

Horse Thief Pass Ride
Skilled Scenic Ride

No width restrictions

Beautiful mountain ride that will take you across the ridge of mountains, with spectacular views. Then deep into canyons with rock formations. There are a few interesting old mining artifacts to find along the way too. Fun ride.

The Dark Canyon Ride
Scenic Ride
No width restrictions

You will see interesting rock formations and find old mining camps on this easy, but beautiful ride. You will spend the day riding along rivers and streams, forested mountains and rocky cliffs.

River & Peaks Ride
Scenic Ride

No width restrictions

A beautiful scenic ride to one of the main rivers in the areas. There are many areas along the way for the perfect picnic lunch next to the river. Make sure to bring your camera. the mountains you are riding through are very beautiful. And bring your fishing pole too!


Mountain View Ride
Skilled Scenic Ride with Challenge Options
No width restrictions

Rocky and vast are the best way to describe this riding area. There are some exceptional challenge areas you can take on. But please, look them over carefully before you attempt them. The rocks are loose and driving experience is needed. At the end of each trail you are rewarded with spectacular views!


Alpine Lake Ride
Skilled Scenic Ride
No width restrictions

You will ride over a beautiful mountain pass and descend to the other side. There, ride across the base of the mountain, through a small settlement and back up into the high mountains. There you will find a spectacular alpine lake.

Deer Gulch Ride
Skilled Scenic Ride
Our only 50 in wide ride

This is our only ride at Rally In The Pines that has a maximum width of 50 inches. But this ride is so good, we must put it down for everyone who may come to the rally with an ATV or 50 inch SxS. You will ride along the side of a mountain. (Yes, there is a drop off) Through deep forests and even visit a small cave. A great loop ride!

ATV SXS Fun Run Rally

Hunting For Bigfoot
& Geocache!

Skilled Scenic Ride
No width restrictions

Can you find Bigfoot on this fantastic skilled scenic ride? The ride takes you deep into the mountains and along mountain streams while you look for the elusive Bigfoot. Some of the highest peaks in Idaho will surround you as to follow Bigfoots trail.
Three fun stops along the way where you will find Bigfoot.
You can win prizes and receive special sponsored give-a-ways!
What a fun ride!!

The Hunt For Bigfoot Fun Run will be offered on
Saturday only.

Bonus Ride!
GPS Discovery Scenic Ride Bonus Ride

Skilled Scenic Ride

And just for extra fun!
The first coordinate will be on your maps handout, follow that coordinate to the first geocache, where you will find the second coordinate. And so on... It's not a competition, but this ride is modeled after the "Amazing Race".
You start off from the Base Camp. You follow each coordinate to a geocache at the next destinations. And each destination on this ride is one of the great points of interest in the area. So you will see many beautiful sites along the way, until your last set of coordinates brings you back to the Rally Base Camp. A fun ride and a great way to see many of the scenic splendors in the area.

Hundreds Of Miles Of Independent Riding!

You can explore hundreds of miles of additional mountain tops, lakes, rivers and streams that are not part of the above "Rally Rides".
The Rally Base Camp sits in the middle of it all.

Get ready for spectacular rides in the vast area that you will greatly enjoy as you explore.

Looking for a challenge? There is that too! You will see them along the way. They take horsepower and experience.. Take them on at your own risk!!

All the maps for the Rides and independent riding will be provided. Get ready for an amazing riding experience.

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