The PowerSports Adventure Club
Helps You Find Your Next Off-Road Adventure!

There are so many off-road riding trails all over Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Idaho, Wyoming and Montana. Many are good, but some are outstanding with great boondocking camping and scenic off-road trails you can ride right from the camping area. Perfect for people with Toy Haulers, Class A & C's and/or pulling doubles. But how do you know if they are great, or if your rig can get into the camping area.
The PowerSports Adventure Club was formed to help off-road enthusiasts find the great riding areas. And help them to know before they go, about all the things needed for a fun and successful recreational motorsports vacation.
We all know that a map of the trail is only one piece of information needed when you are going to be boondocking in a new area with your RV. So much more information is needed to take the work, time and stress out of going to a new place to ride.
For over 25 years the staff at The PowerSports Adventure Club has been riding and mapping these trails and finding the best boondockers camping areas all over Western United States. First we rode these areas way back when in Jeeps, then on ATV's and now in SxS. So we know the area well and what information you need to make your off-road vacation fantastic.
And when you join the PowerSports Adventures Club you will receive 4 different Adventure Packets each year . One approx every 3 months. Each featuring a great new place to ride. You will not only receive maps of great rides you can take in each area. You will receive maps to the camping areas, with information about the road conditions to drive to the camping areas, the size of the camping areas, if there is water available, phone, internet, restrooms, gas and even if there is room to turn larger RV's around. And if these services are not available, where close by you can find them.
And all the riding and camping area maps we email our members comes complete with GPS coordinates, directions and photos, so you can make an informed decision before you leave home.
In addition, twice a year we will offer Club Rides at no additional cost to our members. So come meet new people, ride a new area and enjoy boondocking at it's best.
Come join the club. Get all the info and take your friends and family on an independent vacation or join us for the Club Rides.


Club Rides for 2021:
January 29th & 30th in Western Arizona.

July 30th & 31st in Central Idaho.

Club Rides are included with your membership at no additional charge. You may choose to come to one or both Club Rides. Or you may choose to explore these areas on your own, at any time you wish. Your Adventure Packet will give you all the information needed for a great off-road adventure.


The 2021 PowerSports Adventure Club Packets will be riding areas in:
Western AZ.
Central ID.
Eastern ID.
Southern NV
(Exact locations will only be given to members)
Your first Adventure Packet will be emailed to you in mid-January 2021.

Each area Adventure Packet will include:
Camping area locations, directions, photos and road conditions.
Ride maps of the area.
Where to find non-ethanol gas for your machine.
Where to find potable water for your RV.
Where is the dump station.
If there is internet, phone, restrooms and more.....
Join the PowerSports Adventure Club and you will receive a new Adventure Packet appox every three months.

Membership for 2021 Opens October 12th, 2020!

Contact us at:


Annual Club Membership Dues for 2021:

Per Machine: $79.00

Each member will receive a club decal good for all club rides


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