PowerSports Adventure Club is dedicated to finding and mapping great riding areas. Each area must be where you can boondock camp and have multiple days of great riding right from your campsite!
Now you can get all the information, directions and maps from these areas, making it possible and easy for you to find and ride them on your own.
So grab your ATV and SxS friends and get ready for an awesome adventure.

Each area Adventure Packet is put together for us by The PowerSports Adventure Club and it will  include:
  • Dispersed Camping area locations for large RV's.
  • Maps and info sheets with detailed directions, photos and road conditions.
  • Many great Ride Maps of the area. Enough for days of good riding!
  • Where to find non-ethanol gas for your machine.
  • Where to find potable water and propane for your RV.
  • Our recommended camping areas will fit large RV's/5-Wheels/Toyhaulers.
  • Where is the dump station, restrooms and more.....
  • You will know before you go.
This is great for people with toyhaulers or for anyone that just wants to camp and ride in magnificent backcountry areas without having to trailer their machine to some distant trailhead.


For 2024 we are pleased and proud to have joined forces with the crew at the ATV & SxS event Rally In The Pines.

So if you missed their rallies back then, you can still receive a map of the great places they found to ride.
These Adventure Packs will only be offered for a limited time.
All maps come to your email box in PDF format.

And for Riding this Spring, check out the Great Rift/Craters Of The Moon Area Adventure Pack!

Happy Riding!

Great Rift/Craters Of The Moon Area, Idaho
This riding area is in central Idaho and in a place that is so unique, that the only other place like it on Earth is in Ethiopia!
It is east of Craters Of The Moon National Monument and has great lava formations, caves and lava tubes that you can ride your ATV or SxS to! Such an interesting place to visit in April or May. (To hot out here in the Summer)
This place is little known, even to Idaho natives and there are no decent ride maps for this area until now. Plus we will give you directions to a nice place to boondock camp.
See photos attached of this desert/volcanic type riding area. This is not the regular mountain and pine tree type area most of us are use to in Idaho. But it is very unique and beautiful in it's own way. And very interesting to explore.
Only $19.95


The Copper Basin, Idaho
The Copper Basin is a beautiful valley surrounded on all sides by high mountains. The basin sits in the middle of the National Forest northeast of Sun Valley, west of the town of Mackay. The mountains in this area are some of the highest in Idaho. There are many roads and trails to ride and the area is perfect for a 4 to 7 day recreational motorsports vacation. And if you like to fish, purchase an Idaho fishing licence and bring your fishing pole!
The PowerSports Adventure Club will show you some of the best destinations to ride to, great places to dispersed camp and suggestions on where to drop a line.
With this PowerSports Adventure Pack, you will know before you go!
Only $19.95 each

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The Island Park Area.
The Island Park Area is a very large area just south of Yellowstone National Park. Most people who visit the area just go to the large tourist attractions like Mesa Falls and Big Springs. These areas have there own roads going to them with lot’s of signs pointing the way. And while you should visit these attractions when you are there, that is NOT what The PowerSports Adventure Club is going to show you with our maps and information.
We are going to show you the more remote spots that mostly only the locals know. Places to disperse camp on the shores of a lake and rides that are off the main roads that will take you to the top of the Continental divide and to historic battlefields.
This is a beautiful area and we will show you some of the best the Island Park area has.
Grab this Adventure Pack and Come Ride!
Only $19.95 each

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The Ellis/Challis, Idaho Area.
The Ellis area is between the towns of Challis, Idaho and Salmon, Idaho. This is a little known area and was the site for the ATV/UTV event Rally In The Pines. Now you can own all the information and riding maps for this area.
We are going to show you the most beautiful spots to ride taht only the locals know. Places to disperse camp on the shores of a river and rides to areas where 12,000 foot mountain peaks will surround you!
This is a beautiful area and we will show you some of the best riding Idaho has.
Grab this Adventure Pack and Come Ride!
Only $19.95 each.


PowerSports Adventure Club will be offering a Salmon, Idaho Adventure Pack this Summer! Please check back!
More Adventure Awaits!

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